Technical Area 2: Data Standards
Data Sharing

Our Goal

The working group TA2 inside IEA Wind Task 43 addresses the topic “Data Standards and Data Sharing”. Our goal is to develop recommendations for improving data sharing in the wind energy industry and research.

Our Activities

In order to achieve this goal we are carrying out the following activities:

1. Summary of existing activities and initiatives to improve data sharing (including standards).

2. Interviews to identify the main barriers to data sharing.

3. Development of recommendations for improving data sharing.

Get Involved

Are you fed up with so many different data labels and definitions? Do you wish that common metadata standards and semantics for sharing data could be finally agreed upon?

We have just launched The IEA Wind Task 43 Metadata Challenge, run in collaboration with The Swiss Wind Energy R&D Network on the new WeDoWind data sharing and collaboration platform. The goal of this challenge is to develop common metadata standards and semantics for sharing data in the wind energy industry. Click here to find out more and sign up!