Work Package 1:



Work Package 1: Roadmap is creating a vision for the future of Wind Digitalization to guide decision-makers on where to focus efforts. The group is tasked with defining Wind Digitalization and its Grand Challenges and creating a roadmap for digitalization in the wind industry.

We are engaging senior-level experts in the field of artificial intelligence, digitalization, and wind energy who can provide outside expertise, a unique perspective, and foresight into the future of digital wind technologies.


The goals of the task are to clarify which technologies will most significantly impact the future of wind digitalization with a focus on the broader landscape of how wind energy may transform in the years to come. This will help set the direction of the industry and inform decision-makers for where to allocate resources.

  1. Coalesce Ideas

  2. Forecast Direction

  3. Inform Decision-Makers


The work package will attempt to assemble information from a variety of sources including literature reviews, other work packages, expert interviews, and conferences. It will not be exhaustive in defining or mentioning every technology and application available, but will give a general sense of direction as to what’s ahead. It isn’t meant to push the technology forward, but to communicate the direction of digitalization in the wind industry.


  1. Conduct Interviews

Summer 2020 - Winter 2021

2. Publish Three Grand Challenges and Digitalizaiton Definition

Fall 2021

3. Publish Wind Digitalization Roadmap

Expected Fall 2022




Describes the intersections of various technologies to wind lifecycle areas at various points in time

Expert Opinion

Interviews with wind energy and technology experts


Materials that help further disseminate the information assembled to industry so that might act on it

Wind Europe Technology Workshop 2021 Submission

In August of 2021, Task 43 participated in WindEurope's Technology Workshop virtual industry event. WP1 participated by submitting a teaser poster on the Grand Challenges accompanied by an explainer video.

PO.050 Grand Challenges Poster - TechWS2021.pdf


PO.050 Wind Digitalization Grand Challenges.mp4