WP5 Additional Topics

While investigation of the use cases forms the core of WP5 efforts, a number of other topics are under consideration to help build and communicate a more comprehensive picture of O&M Digitalization opportunities.

O&M Landscape and Potential Opportunities

  • Collaboratively refine the scope and boundaries of wind O&M tasks and activities.

  • Review and agree which in-scope areas are covered by use cases and identify any missing.

  • Investigate data-enabled business models and revenue streams.

Assessing O&M Digitalization Maturity

  • Define and agree a tiered O&M digitalization capability maturity model.

  • Develop methodology to determine individual and sector maturity levels.

  • Outline recommends to help users migrate through the model tiers.

  • Collaborate and integrate with WP1 Roadmap development.

O&M Data, Analytics and Modeling Data Infrastructure

  • Outline the typical "value chain" from raw data to informed decisions and the tools, techniques, platforms and procedures.

  • Consider the minimum viable infrastructure and best practices

  • Align with digitalization maturity levels and WP1 technology roadmap.

Information Gathering and Dissemination

  • Facilitate workshops to collaborate on use cases and additional topics.

  • Collate results from individual activities and disseminate overall findings and recommendations.

  • Compile and publish interim and final documents reflecting WP5 output.