WP5 Deliverables and Reporting

Ongoing Deliverables

Interim outputs from the WP5 work package include updates on:

  • Scoping/ Positioning

  • Analyses & Investigations

  • Opportunities

  • Recommendations

  • Implementation Guidelines

  • Dissemination Events

Final Report

Outcomes and work products will be published in a final document with contents which may include:

  • Work Package 5 Overview

  • Scope of O&M

  • Digitalization Capability and Maturity Levels

  • Data Sources and Types Relevant to O&M

  • Digitalization Technologies Relevant to O&M

  • Results and Findings from Use Cases

  • Results and Findings from Industry Case Studies

  • Best Practices

  • Recommendations

  • New Digitalization-Driven Opportunities

  • Conclusions

  • References