WP5 Objectives and Approach

WP5 Objective

The overarching objective of the work package is to provide guidance on digitalization practices and implementations with the potential to deliver wind O&M advancements and new opportunities where:

  • Advancements & Opportunities may include Enhanced Efficiency, Performance, Cost, Reliability, Revenue. New Business Models. “Value”.

  • Practices & Implementations may involve Data Sources, Technologies, Software Tools, Methodologies, Standards, Skills, Resources.

  • Providing Guidance may take the form of Delivering Workshops, Documentation, Recommendations, Best Practices.

WP5 Approach

Value Driven

In order to maximize the relevance of its investigations, WP5 adopts a value-driven approach to exploring digitalization. This starts out by identifying challenges or opportunities which are likely to deliver real value, i.e. reduce cost and/or enhance revenue, and then investigates potential digitalization solutions to realize this value. These solutions may encompass a range of tools and methods which, in turn, will help identify appropriate data types and sources required to support the initial task or decision.

Built Around Representative Use Cases

WP5 activities center on the exploration of use cases chosen to be representative of the types of activities, decision or opportunities encountered in a typical O&M context. In working through solutions for these use cases, the feasibility and challenges can be explored, documented and evolved into recommendations.

To this end, use cases are identified and selected which:

  • Illustrate potential benefits of digitalization and resulting increased in the value of assets and investment.

  • Provide Reference Methodologies which can be applied to similar or more generics use cases.

  • Demonstrate utilization of data types and help clarify the

  • Highlight implementation challenges and help formulae recommendations and best practices.