Mission Statement

Our mission is to help bring about a revolution in the way the wind energy industry uses technology.
We aim to provide a platform for dissemination of great ideas, best practices and collaboration.
Specifically we are working to understand the optimal pathways for the adoption of digital technologies such as:

  • Data Standards and Data Sharing

  • Machine Learning and AI

  • Data Analytics and Visualization

  • Open Source Tools

  • Iot instrumentation

Work Packages

Understanding the value that digitalization will create in renewables and the barriers to to creating that value

Building the digital foundations of wind energy applications

Bringing the latest in data science and open source tools to the wind energy industry

Laying the groundwork for efficient and advanced digital resource assessment

Understanding best practices and opportunities for advanced O&M including Life Assessment

IEA Task Management

All the practical matters


Connect with us on LinkedIn, Slack and via email:
iea.task.43@gmail.com to get more information on the project