IEA Wind Task 43

Our vision 

Unlock the full value of wind energy through digital transformation. 

Our mission

Act as a digital transformation catalyst by driving open collaboration within and beyond the wind community to deliver insights, recommendations, standards and tools in the key areas of data, culture, and coopetition.

The Grand Challenges in the Digitalisation of Wind Energy

Our activities are based on the three "Grand Challenges in the Digitalisation of Wind Energy", Data, Culture and Coopetition. Read more by clicking on the image below:

 Working Groups

As well as a Working Group for task management (WG0),  we organise IEA Wind Task 43 around three Working Groups for the three Grand Challenges of Digitalisation in Wind Energy (WG1, WG2, WG3) as well as a fourth one for use-case demonstrations (WG4). 

In each WG, we focus on (1) gaining knowledge and understanding, then (2) creating recommendations, both for the sector as a whole and also for the rest of the IEA Wind Task 43 participants, and then (3) developing and testing usable tools in a safe environment based on the recommendations. We regularly review and adapt our activities according to inputs from the industry as well as our learning experience.

Working Group 0: Task Management

This working group contains the Organizing Committee members, and is supported by the Industry Advisory Board. Read more.

Working Group 1: Data

This working group aims to contribute to solving the first Grand Challenge “Creating FAIR data frameworks”, which is related to the topic of “data”.  Read more.

Working Group 2: Culture

This working group aims to contribute to solving the second Grand Challenge “Connecting people and data to foster innovation”, which is related to the topic of “culture”. Read more.

Working Group 3: Coopetition

This working group aims to contribute to solving the third Grand Challenge “Enabling collaboration and competition between organisations”, which is related to the topic of “coopetition”.  Read more.

Working Group 4: Use Case Demonstration

We run regular use case “deep dive” workshops in order to allow the priority use cases to be worked on by all task participants. The goal of these deep dives is to quantify the value of digitalisation in solving the key frustrations (or «pain points») related to each activity (or «use case»”, e.g. how much can the efficiency be improved or costs reduced?  Read more.

Results and publications

Publications and videos 

Our published journal papers, conference papers, posters and videos are listed here

The Wind Resource Assessment Data Model

 The WRA Data Model standardises how properties of a wind resource measurement station. Find out more here.

List of open data and code 

Find our list of open data and code here

IEA Wind Task 43 code

Get access to all the different code and libraries developed within IEA Wind Task 43 here


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