Working Group 2 



Working Group 2 (Culture)

This working group aims to contribute to solving the second Grand Challenge of Digitalisation in Wind Energy “Connecting people and data to foster innovation”, which is related to the topic of “culture”. 

The tasks of this WG include:

Recommendations paper 

We are writing a recommendations paper for how to connect people and data to foster innovation in wind energy. This includes literature reviews, surveys and workshops.

Creation of a funding opportunities list

We are publishing and curating a list of national and international funding opportunities for key topics related to “culture”.

Implementation of demonstration projects

We are using the results of the rest of this WG to implement projects that demonstrate how to connect people and data to foster innovation in wind energy. 

   Recent activities

IEA Wind Task 43 Culture Survey

Between March 19th and May 31st, 2024, we are running our IEA Wind Task 43 Culture Survey. 

The aim of this survey is to understand how well organisational and team culture in the wind energy sector enables or fosters digitalisation. Any person active in the wind energy sector can participate, and the results will be used anonymously in order to develop recommendations for fostering digitalisation in wind energy through culture. Your answers will help us understand the topic of culture and how it relates to digitalisation, and may also be used anonymously towards a review paper.

Take part here!

WG2&3 launch webinar

On September 14th 2023, we are held the new Working Group launch webinar together with WG3! Access the recording here!


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