Privacy and Data Management Policy

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FULL = Available for general distribution within and beyond Task 43 group.

RESTRICTED = To be shared within Task 43 only.


  • Applies to material shared via Email, Slack, Trello, Google Drive, Github or any other communication or collaboration platform.

  • Contributors should indicate whether material is FULL or RESTRICTED.

  • If not indicated, assume material is RESTRICTED.

  • If re-sharing FULL material, please acknowledge the source/author.

  • For PII (e.g. name, Email address, contact details, IP address, etc), please see Task 43 PII Principles below.

IEA Task 43: Principles when handling Personally Identifiable Information.

If accessing or sharing Personally Identifiable Information, please adhere to the following principles:

  • Share the PII only with those team members who need it in order to carry out their analysis and team structuring. Other team members can work on data which either has had the PII removed completely or replaced with non-identifiable labels.

  • Share data containing PII only through secure mechanisms such as encrypted spreadsheets or controlled access to cloud services such as Google Drive.

  • In initial communication with those who supply PII details, provide an email address, or other method of contacting the team, in relation to any data protection queries.

  • Delete the PII when it is no longer needed for the purposes for which it was gathered e.g. when the working group membership has been defined and other ongoing communication mechanisms have been established.

  • Share this notice with those given access to the PII and ask them to apply the same principles.